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Camera-Shy Cuties! Blondes being blonde, 3 sweet Honeys!
[Image: shower_4xhoriz-571d2f9.jpg]

Since finding her at triforce last year I regret passing up her videos - there is a whole series. Don't know her name, supposedly 16, and the photographer had a bunch of other teen models with nude video. Might be well known series - I tried to get more info about her here at AIW in the content request thread but got no response. Who is she? I think she's Kimberly from Diffrent' Strokes...but with better tits! Shiny, slick, soapy, sudsy, sexy, superhot - all these keywords apply. Not camera shy [Image: big_smile.png]

[Image: 0201blonde_bj_horiz-571d313.jpg]

Locked in a bathroom - it's young Angelina Jolie lookalike trailer park sausage-swallower with bad mascara! This sweet strawberry slut sucks, fucks, smiles and laughs the the entire time - whatta girl! Gets camera-shy near the end - looking up at the mirror and realizes she's the star in a triple xxx doggy style fuck video.... Best. Trailerpark. Ever. [Image: cool.png]
[Image: 0201blonde_bj_preview-571d318.jpg]
[Image: chuck_norris_horiz_3x-571d323.jpg]

From Photobucket. Camera-shy cutie - young naked blonde teen gets pinned-down on the bed by her boy and tries to cover-up her face and tits when she realizes the moment is being filmed. BF pulls back her arms after a short struggle and reveals flawless, perfect breasts...nice, dude! A little more of the same in the next clip, except he films her beautiful 'O-face' during sex! Something, possibly your heart, will melt as you watch this scene... because it's HOT!  2 short clips; props to Chuck Norris and OP.

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